Emergency Glass Door Replacement

Emergency glass replacement is an essential service required for many people who have unexpected broken glass.

Bromley Simpson Glass offer emergency glass replacement Sydney.

Door and windows of all shapes and sizes can be accidentally broken or be subject to vandalism. Either way, the glass must be replaced.

We can cater for almost any type of glass, clear, tinted, obscure, low e and mirror, just to name a few.

Same day service in most areas of Sydney means your glass replacement can be carried out with minimal fuss.

Why is it important to have your window or door glass replaced?

Fast emergency glass door replacement is an essential service that is required when you least expect it.

In many cases glass that is broken must be attended to immediately. The main reasons for emergency glass replacement are to prevent injury, provide security and avoid damage from weather. Whether it is a domestic or commercial property the circumstances can be very similar.

Prevent Injury

There are three main types of glass, annealed glass, toughened and laminated glass.

Annealed glass is the most dangerous of all, breaking into large shards, which can easily cause injuries.

When toughened glass is broken it explodes in small cube shaped pieces. These small pieces of glass reduce the chance of large cuts.

Provide Security

Annealed and toughened glass usually fall out when broken. Toughened glass can completely collapse to the ground resulting in a clear pathway for intruders.

Replacing your broken restores it to its original state providing a secure premises as soon as possible.

Avoid weather damage

Something that can happen is water damage caused by building being exposed to the weather. Carpet, floorboards, furniture, and cabinetry can all be damaged by water.

Emergency Glass Repair Sydney

If you are situated in Sydney call Bromley Simpson for your next glass replacement job.