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Wall Mirrors for Wardrobes

Replacement Mirror for Wardrobe Doors

Do you have a broken wardrobe mirror and do not know what to do?

Stop worrying, help is here!

Breakage of these types of doors occur due to their location in high traffic areas, positions low to the floor and next to beds. They are subject to human impact, which means people fall into them, bump them, or let things Impact with the mirror.

Due to their size, they can be awkward to handle and when broken can prove to be dangerous depending on the extent of the breakage.

Using a qualified glazier is essential to ensure the correct glass is used and installed to current Australian Standards.


What type of wardrobe door do you have?


Wardrobe mirror doors come in all shapes and sizes, they can be floor to ceiling, quite narrow or wide. Regardless of the size Bromley Simpson can handle any type of wardrobe mirror replacement.

Most robe door systems consist of aluminium frames and vinyl backed safety mirror. As they are interior doors, they are lightweight in design for easy use and installation.

There are a variety of frame designs, some require polished edges on the mirrors and others are concealed inside the frame.

Regardless of your style of door we can handle the job of replacing your broken mirror.


Glue Fixed Mirrors for Wardrobe Cabinet Doors


Do you desperately need some mirrors in your bedroom?

Bromley Simpson has the answer!

Many homes have hinged cabinet doors in bedrooms or walk in robes. If there is no other position for a mirror these doors can be the perfect spot for a mirror or two.

If not on the outside of the door, a couple of sneaky mirrors inside the door can solve all your problems.

They can be custom made to the height and width of your existing doors. They do not have to be full length so this can save you some money.

We can give you an estimate over the phone followed by a site inspection and installation.

These polished edged mirrors are a seamless addition to your bedroom without making any changes to cabinetry.

Call Bromley Simpson now to solve your replacement or new mirror.

Do you need a walk in robe wall mirror?

Recent trends have seen the inclusion of large walk-in robes in modern homes. One essential item that is required in these rooms is a mirror.

A full length mirror helps when deciding on an outfit and making sure all looks good before you head out.

What size mirror can you order?

These mirrors can be floor to ceiling and custom made to fit any space. They can make your room look twice as big and add to the appearance of your space.

Call our office to obtain a quote and have Bromley Simpson take care of your custom mirror requirements.