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Fast window glass replacement service in Sydney

What are the most important factors when sorting out window glass replacement? Not sure?

Lets’ jump right into what you should be looking for.

Do you have a broken window, want to upgrade your glass, or simply want to modernize the style? We are here to help.


Broken glass…. Stop!

Before we go any further. Broken glass can seem like a nightmare but in most cases can be easily replaced.

Do not panic!

If your glass is broken, help is only a phone call away.

Bromley Simpson can provide same day service in most cases, so if it is an emergency do not hesitate. Make the call now.

Ok. Moving on.

Choosing the right company

1. When the company was established

If the company has only just started, does not have any history or maybe you cannot find any trace of them online maybe you should consider a company who has the runs on the board.

Established in 1988, Bromley Simpson Glass has proven over time to be one of the top glazing companies in Sydney.

2. Fully qualified staff

Glaziers who are familiar with the safety requirements for window glass replacement is a must. Every window is different. Whether it is wood or aluminium, larger than normal or in a position that requires a special type of glass, a qualified tradesman is essential.

3. Warranty

A minimum of 12 months warranty on all workmanship is required. This ensures you have the piece of mind to use the company with confidence.

4. Quality

In these days of cheap imports, it is paramount that you find a company experienced in sourcing the right products for the job. While some imported are of high quality other only just meet our requirements. These inferior products do not last the test of time.

By choosing Bromley Simpson, you can trust we have only the best products available on the market for your window glass replacement.

5. Service

This is something we pride ourselves on. Carrying out your window glass replacement, on time the first time is what we strive for. Many customers are time poor these days, therefore superior service is essential.

This experience starts with our sales staff over the phone and ends with our highly trained glaziers on site. The number of repeat customers we have is something we are proud of and continues to generate word of mouth business.

6. Price

Finally, to the price of your window glass replacement.

While we may not be the absolute cheapest company in Sydney our prices are more than fair. The glazing market is populated by companies with big advertising budgets. Most of our work is generated by word of mouth, which is the best form of advertising for our company.

Compare our prices and we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised. We are confident we will satisfy your glass and glazing needs.

Types of Windows and Types of Glass

Window Frames

Regardless of whether it is a domestic or commercial premises Bromley Simpson has it covered.

Many homes have timber framed windows, these are traditional windows and require the skills of a trained professional to carry out the replacement.

The main alternative to timber windows is aluminium, these are found in most modern homes. Aluminium windows can be relatively simple or a real challenge to anyone who does not have the necessary experience to work with these types of frames.

So, either wood or aluminium frames should be worked on by a qualified glazier.

Types of Glass

Often many windows require safety glass to comply with current standards, even if they are currently ordinary glass.

There are exceptions where ordinary glass can be used but it is important to have this assessed by a trained professional.

The most common types of glass used for window glass replacement are float glass, toughened glass, and laminated glass.

If your glass is broken, removal of this glass can be extremely dangerous, therefore a trained professional is required for this type of work.