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Doors are one of the most common types of glass that breaks in homes and businesses. Sliding, hinged and bifold doors are frequently installed in these premises.

Unfortunately, glass breakage happens, whether its accidental or intentional broken glass can be a real problem.

Besides being unsightly, sharp dangerous glass can cause injuries to residence or the general public.


glass door repair sydney by Bromley Simpsons

emergency door glass repair sydney by Bromley Simpsons

emergency glass repair sydney by Bromley Simpsons


Types of glass for doors

There are a few different types of glass used in doors, ordinary glass, toughened and laminated glass.

The best type of glass to install when emergency door glass repair Sydney is required is laminated glass. It can be cut on site, requiring only one visit. No doubt this is the fastest way to have your glass replaced.

Sometimes toughened glass is essential for the type of door you have. Semi frameless designs or even glass with dog doors require toughened glass because of its extra strength.


Glass door repair Sydney

Bromley Simpson have glaziers available in the major districts of Sydney. The advantage of choosing Bromley Simpson is that we stock most types of glass on our glass trucks. This makes true emergency repairs much easier for all concerned.

Our staff in the office have decades of experience and will know the answers to all your questions. In many circumstances we will know exactly what you need within the first few minutes of our conversation.


What should you do when a glass door breaks?

Best to not touch the glass if it is unclear what type of glass it is. Ordinary annealed glass can sometimes look like laminated glass when it breaks. While laminated glass is reasonable safe to touch annealed is not.

Call a glazier as soon as possible, if it happens in the morning call in the morning. Don’t leave it until later in the day. Delay in arranging a glazier will be a delay in having your glass fixed.

Emergency glass door repair Sydney is a service that Bromley Simpson specialise in. Call now to book your glass door repair.